Let Us Take a Peek into the Short Thick Curly Hairstyles

If you have thick curls you probably have a feeling of being cursed with the most unmanageable hair type. But little do you realise that those who have perfectly straight hair long for curls. Most often than not you tend to just crop off your thick curly hair and still worry about its styling. But it’s time to let you know that can also look trendy. Here is how. 

Long gone are the days when you thought that are for the summer season to keep off the heat. Short hair styles, especially if you have thick curls, are in passé. You may have straight hair and still you may go for thick curls if you want to be a fashionista.

Before you go for

To get effective styling for your thick curly hair, the first thing that you need to look after is the texture. To ensure that your curls are can be styled you need to do away with the frizz and hence keep away the excess moisture. For this you will need to use shampoos and serums specially made for curly hair.

Ways of styling

For your curls to be well defined you first need to brush your hair properly with a round bristled brush and then blow dry it. After having done it you will need to give it a haircut that will suit your thick curls. The perfect haircut would be a bob one. Ask your salon stylist to give such a cut so that the curls at the front are a little longer than those at the back. This is a very modern and perfectly suited if you are looking for

. If you have straight hair and you want to bring the thick curly effect, then you can go for the bob cut such that the elongated curls on the top portion are defined into thick curls, where as the hair underneath remains straight. Keeping it simple, you can go for the classic bob which keeps your thick curls manageable and in place. For those who have thinning hair, a curling iron will do the miracle for you. If you use it such that it is able to give you thick S-shaped curls as you go down, your hair will look volume up and sassy as well. Short thick curly hairstyles are therefore here to stay and turn you gorgeous.

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